Fire emergency
1. The electronic sand table should be able to realistically simulate the terrain and landform around the emergency, and facilitate the commander to carry out the situational deduction on the sand table, so as to formulate a more detailed disposal plan and conduct decision-making. The electronic sandbox should be able to effectively organize the user's professional spatial data and related business data, conveniently operate through interactive gestures through the touch screen, and display geographic information data, high-definition aerial images and high-definition satellite images directly on the desktop to construct a three-dimensional scene. Plot, navigate, analyze, customize the plan and publish it as needed. You can use the touch screen gestures to perform the situation plotting. Should support the leadership in the sand table to carry out rescue forces, emergency supplies deployment, offensive routes, etc., express the intention of emergency rescue, can set the line thickness and color
2. The corresponding multimedia information can be set for different 3D scenes; when clicking different 3D targets, relevant multimedia information can be popped up and played.
3, associated with the user business database, key target classification query, spatial results fast positioning function key target associated video, support multi-channel video function
Traffic management
Improve the application level of traffic management technology equipment and the scientific and technological content of traffic police and law enforcement equipment; strengthen the construction of public security traffic control system, enhance traffic intelligent control and emergency command capability; further broaden the application of information technology in public security traffic service, relying on three-dimensional geographic information system data, Road piling data, high-speed or urban bayonet real-time video surveillance, traffic police vehicle patrol management (duty station audio and video, GPS real-time positioning, 4G map transmission), traffic accident hotspot analysis and query, real-time road condition data (congestion, smooth and other real-time traffic information) Hardware, software and software data such as presentation, statistics, analysis, etc., through the improvement of road traffic law enforcement and service levels; speeding up data fusion and mining, accident analysis and countermeasures intelligent generation, early warning and other key technologies, to achieve scientific analysis of public security traffic management, Research, decision, command