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We are a group of artisans, polished with the spirit of eighteen years of craftsmanship.......MTOUCH 3D GIS
    Founded in 2001, Chengdu Trend Electronics Co., Ltd(中文网址 http://www.chinamtouch.com/). is a high-tech, multi-channel, non-contact solution for high-end technologies such as computer graphics, virtual reality (Virtual Reality), and mixed reality. Human-computer interaction solution software company
     Multi-touch 3D Geographic Information System (MTOUCH GIS) is a large-scale GIS platform developed by Chengdu Trend Electronics Co., Ltd., a new generation of multi-touch gesture control; according to armed police, military, public security, fire, emergency operations and management needs Through gesture touch or mouse control, based on three-dimensional geographic information, force deployment, icon painting, etc., deep development and enhanced information query, terrain analysis, three-dimensional model plotting, three-dimensional (two-dimensional) dynamic military standard plotting, Situation demonstration, networked map, drone tilt photography, mobilization data, real-time video, call police, street prevention and control service management, command center docking police, intelligence operations, urban grid control, video prevention and control, Beidou navigation Main functions such as real-time voice, anti-terrorism and explosion prevention, dynamic demonstration of disaster relief, real-time traffic information query analysis, traffic accident hotspot information query analysis, road piling information fire emergency rescue, etc., for commanders to deal with emergency emergencies, correct analysis of situation, and judgment The situation is determined, providing strong support; The portability and real-time performance of the program provide good protection, and serve the purpose of real-world demonstration, practical application, and effective inspection. The system is independently developed by Chengdu Trend Electronics Co., Ltd. (complete independent intellectual property rights, without using any third-party GIS platform, resolutely not using the following third-party GIS platforms: Worldwind, skyline, mapgis, mapinfo, ARCGIS, OSGEARTH, GISCESIUM GIS, UNIGINE, supermap...
     Trend Electronics is positioned to develop MTOUCH GIS basic software platform, including component MOUCH GIS development platform, network MOUCH GIS development platform, embedded MOUCH GIS development platform, and entity military sandbox model development platform, providing application development units for various industries. Secondary development platform and data processing tools. Multi-touch technology based on GIS (geographic information) system and display system (using WINDOWS7 platform) and solutions and multi-touch products (platform multi-touch, vertical multi-touch, Holographic transparent screen multi-touch, large multi-touch wall for multi-person use of any size has been successfully applied in domestic and international industries; its first multi-touch technology based on GIS (geographic information) system is perfect in China. In the management system related to the public security, fire protection, armed police, border defense, military and other industries, it provides multi-touch solutions integrating software and hardware for the needs of different industries.
     Trend Electronics has a multi-level and cross-industry professional technical team that not only provides customers with complete interactive demonstration project planning and implementation services, but also works with customers to develop engineering projects that meet specific requirements.
     It is the pleasure of our work to propose solutions and implement them according to customer needs.
A. National Copyright Administration Computer Software Copyright Level Certificate No.: Soft Letter No. 0549763 Multi-touch 3D Geographic System V1.0
B. National Copyright Administration Computer Software Copyright Level Certificate No.: Soft Letter No. 1546735 Three-dimensional situation plotting and plan dynamic demonstration system
C. National Copyright Administration Computer Software Copyright Level Certificate No.: No. 2244797, 3D Service Management Geographic Information System
D. State Intellectual Property Office Utility Model Patent Certificate: Multi-touch Console
E. State Intellectual Property Office Utility Model Patent Certificate: CNC Information Sand Table
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Job Responsibilities:
1. Participation in the development of multi-touch 3D geographic information system software and systems
2. Responsible for the company's R&D performance layer design and coding implementation
3. Responsible for the coding implementation of the specified module and complete the corresponding upgrade and maintenance work.
job requirements
1, required to be familiar with WPF, touch optimization is preferred, more than one year of development experience
2, familiar with orcal, sqlserver (not required)
3. Familiar with common GIS software (not required)
4, familiar with photoshop (not required)
5, master Windows programming, have a certain experience in Windows graphical interface development
6, with .NET3 architecture development experience for more than one year, familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio development tools;
7, proficient in C# language, .NET programming; familiar with .NET framework, with more than one year of C# software development and .NET architecture design experience
8, good communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, cheerful personality, strong ability to withstand pressure, can withstand high-intensity work